Sketch Acts

Photo by Peter Jennings

Photo by Peter Jennings

Gary Krumbert in 'Gary Krumbert's 6 Step Guide to Love' 

Dear Gary doesn't have a lot of luck on his side in the love department, but he's here to help you learn from his mistakes! A funny, presentation-style skit that has audiences in fits of laughter. 

Photo by Peter Jennings

Photo by Peter Jennings

the story of daniel

A light hearted, slightly UN-PC sketch revolved around the bible. Hilarious, even for the religious type. Sister Patty from Wainuiomata and Sister Lilly share the story of Daniel at the church sermon...although it's not quite what the audience, or Sister Patty, expect.


"Let's Make a Date" - Middle Earth Edition!

A tribute to our favourite Middle Earth characters, in the hilarious take on Middle Earth Dating.

Arwen Undomiel appears of Middle Earth's hit TV dating show 'Let's Make a Date!' after her relationship with King Aragon came to a disastrous end. Arwen hopes to find someone who will love her, cherish her and not cheat on her with her Grandmother, Galadrial. Will she find love with one of the three suitors chosen for her from Middle Earth's #1 dating site, 'ONERINGTOBINDTHEM.ORG'? Stay tuned!

This film first appeared as a live acting/film performance at 'Bare & Back Again - A Burlesque Journey to Middle Earth' in Wellington, NZ on the same weekend as 'The Hobbit' Premiere. The live performance edit has Natalie playing Arwen live, and the rest of the film projected behind her with her edited out of the film.

Props that need to be supplied: Sound System, wireless microphone, laptop, projector & projector screen