Photo by Bruce Jenkins Photography

Photo by Bruce Jenkins Photography

Lilly is detail focused, Even her everyday outfit is a costume. Her manicured almond nails and her fushsia lips are calculated to heighten her image of leggy elegance. It’s like talking to a particularly glamorous giraffe
— Verity Johnson for the article 'Burlesque's Flying Fox' in Summer 2017 Fashion Quarterly
“Lilly Loca is a superb MC who thoroughly captivates her audience into her character’s wild and wacky world. Boisterous and hilarious, audiences look forward to being ridiculed by her! She has hosted multiple shows for the Carnaval de la Noche as our Mistress of Ceremonies, and has brought laughter, suspense, and a lot of hype to complement every act in the show. If you’re looking for someone to liven up your crowd at a show or party, look no further than Lilly Loca!”
— Circus Larry - Co-Producer of Carnaval de la Noche
Nat Hugill AKA Lilly Loca touts herself as the Consummate Mistress of Disguise. This is no self-aggrandizing boast, but a mere statement of fact. I have been privileged to perform alongside her, and to watch her in many shows. Her ability to transform herself into characters so well rounded and fleshed out is incredible. Truly professional, and a delight to work with.
— Duchess DeBerry, Burlesque Performer
I have known Nat Hugill for around five years, during which time I’ve had the pleasure of working with her many times, mainly performing in Burlesque / variety cabaret shows. These have been in At least four or five cities around NZ.

In each instance that we’ve worked alongside one another I’ve enjoyed Nat’s professionalism and positivity - she is so great to work with, always proactive and sets high standards for herself. Not surprisingly with this level of dedication to her art, Nat performs at an extremely impressive level of skill and audience engagement. With considerable talent in physical comedy Nat as her characters Lilly Loca and Gary Krumpet are at once sublimely alluring and completely, absurdly hilarious. (A rare and precious quality in NZ Burlesque / theatre).

Seeing Nat take away the title of Supreme Grand Tease Winner in the recent Grand Tease NZ Burlesque competition was absolutely no surprise to me as she somehow functions in so many ways as a dedicated, click pro. She is certainly a role model for other practitioners to learn from.

I have also been lucky enough to work in shows Nat has produced and once again her energy and enthusiasm single her out as a highly effective producer with incredible drive and attention to detail that have meant she achieved great success in selling out shows in the competitive central Auckland entertainment market.

I look forward to working with Nat anytime as I know it’ll be something I’ll be proud of involved with
— Fergus Aitkin - Actor
Lilly Loca gets a standing ovation from the crowd. “Gary! Gary! Gary!” they chant. After the show, she’s mobbed by Americans requesting Gary everywhere from Las Vegas to Arizona.

...”Everyone is high, exhilarated, exhausted and enthralled by Gary’s exotic hilarity. It’s exactly what they need right now.
— Verity Johnson - Wordsmith, Journalist & Media Personality
Gary took a piece of my heart home to New Zealand. I can’t wait to see him again.
— Lili von Schtupp - Director of the Hollywood Burlesque Festival
Photo by C.B.Summers

Photo by C.B.Summers

Lilly Loca is a performer of great humour, glorious theatricality and amazing character skills. She is always captivating and entertaining, whether inhabiting a beauty of ethereal grace such as Absolem, or one of her wonderfully comedic drag characters. I suspect it is actually impossible not to fall a little bit in love with Gary. His nerdy exuberance will steal your heart (unless your heart is a rock, in which case there is no hope for you). And unforgettable Jethro, the sassy little bogan gent who will have you screaming with laughter. As a producer Nat’s professionalism and years of stage experience are evident as she is truly a performer’s dream to work with. It is a pleasure to turn up to a show and realise that the only thing you need to focus on is your performance. She puts on a fantastic gig and both audience and performers are certain to have a brilliantly fun and memorable experience.
— Amourous Ava - Burlesque Performer
We had the pleasure of having Natalie MC our Kiss Kiss Cabaret in Christchurch as her character Gary Krumbert. Gary was an absolute hoot!! He had our audience in stitches. His loveable character was well received and kept the show flowing along perfectly. I would have no hesitation recommending Gary or any of Natalie’s characters for your next event or special occasion.
— Bonita Danger Doll - Burlesque Artist & Co-Producer at Tease & Trouble Productions
It was such a pleasure to work with you again .Your abilities and professionalism installs a confidence in me that makes me feel safe and secure. I have always admired your work, talent and dedication to the art. You are a very fine actor. I look forward to working with you again.
— Ken Samson - Impact Entertainment
Hugill - an actress, MC, ballroom dancer, producer, director, vaudeville performer and former high-school drama teacher - is one of our best-loved burlesque dancers, performing under the moniker Lilly Loca.
— Taken from the article "Sass and tease on show at festival of va-va-voom' by the Herald on Sunday.
You were fabulous! Gary Rocks!
— Dolores Daiquiri - Founder and Producer of the Australian Burlesque Festival
You were great on Friday night, I wanted to say you have such good control and awareness of your body and your act is really, really great.
— Charlie D. Barkle - Boylesque Performer & Burlesque Hall of Fame Contestant
Photo by Kaveh Kardan

Photo by Kaveh Kardan

...the fabulous Lilly Loca herself resplendent in duck egg blue, classic, purple, scallop shell feathered fans, breath-taking heels of Everestian proportions and very little else...

Haag rescues Lilly from the clutches of The Predator with a quick smack from her leopard-skin hand bag and this wee opening sketch is over almost before it has begun. It’s quicker than removing Lilly from the railroad tracks with the loco bearing down and the scene serves its purpose before Lilly – completely recovered from her ordeal – takes us through an hilarious vocal warm up where we, the audience, end up sounding like the climax of a very bad porn movie while she manages to remain demure enough to introduce her first guest artiste, Fever Pitch....

Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret production of Voix de Ville is a tour de force. It’s owned by the performers who gift it to the audience. It is class from sparkly beginning to its glittery end. It’s other-worldly and fantastical and I am reminded of the fact that vaudeville bookended the great wars. It is escapist stuff and, man, do we need that right now....
— Review of Lilly Loca's Vaudeville Cabaret Presents: Voix de Ville by Lexie Matheson.
The theatrical tools Graham uses to get his message across are complex and uncompromising and require actors with the ability to articulate them with a subtlety that draws us in and smacks us in a way that we almost plead for more. Well, I did say they were complex but so are we, the audience, and, in the sure hands of these actors, they work a treat. Scenes where film noir realism meets Wedekindian grotesquery are hard to pull off but these actors do it – again and again – and without dropping the mask at any time....

Natalie Hugill (her character is known only as M) has a burlesque and cabaret background which really fits when the characters she plays are bizarre and larger than life but she shines most when she establishes the absolute reality of her unwitting victim. Hers is the character least likely, by personal circumstance, to fall foul of a killer on the make, but the growing inevitability that faces her – and us – and makes us want to scream, is inexorable but we remain silent in a way that clearly reiterates Graham’s ‘I told you so’ objective. Dying on stage – and I don’t mean comedically – is extremely difficult but Hugill’s death is as good as I’ve seen anywhere...

The fact that actors of the quality of Hyde, Hair, Hugill and McHattie agreed to take on this harrowing work speaks volumes for him – and for them....
— 'Lost Girls' reviewed by Lexie Matheson
Lilly Loca is by far the most elegant and talented model I’ve ever worked with.
— Kristy Herbert - Black Diamond Makeup Artistry
Having attended some of Natalie Hugill’s productions I was impressed by the quality of the performers and the ambiance of the show, so I was thrilled to be invited to perform at her event B Boys Versus Burlesque. Natalie kept in touch frequently in the lead up to the event, making sure that all performers had run schedules and double checking our music. She also gave us an opportunity to check out the space before performing. As a professional entertainer these are the kinds of things that make my job easier and more enjoyable, and allow me to be more organized. Natalie is a delightful person to work for - friendly, highly organized and ‘switched on’. Her event went without a hitch and it would be my absolute pleasure to both perform at - and attend - any of her events again.
— Cherry Bombshell - Burlesque Performer
Natalie is a delight to work with, and is the best kind of model: one who is also a collaborator. Very creative in her posing, yet able to take directions well and make them her own. One of the best I have worked with in New Zealand.
— Kaveh Kardan, Kaveh Kardan Photography
The evening started in true Tolkien fashion with a poem (well done Sadie on remembering all those lines) and it went just about everywhere from there. I discovered that Orcs dance to metal and wizards dance to disco. There somehow managed to be three Arwens or at least three elves who looked a lot like her. Including Lilly Loca’s hilarious multimedia Middle Earth dating show, it was so good I sincerely hope she resurrects it for another show. That much preparation deserves to be seen more than once.
— Wellington Reviews
MC Lilly Loca’s shifts between vibrant and dramatic vamp and knowing girl-next-door fit this aesthetic well, as she alternately introduces and explains the show, and exhorts the audience to new heights of enthusiasm. Her obvious enjoyment and pleasure in what she is offering is irresistible.”

”Cheerfully risqué, The Wunderbar Spectacular stays comfortably within the humorous side of erotic, providing a constantly entertaining variety that easily holds the attention.
— Jesse Quaide, reviewing 'The Wunderbar Spectacular',
Photo by James Yang

Photo by James Yang

Nat (Lilly Loca) runs me through my duties like a pro and I realise that she not only has done all the hard slog that goes on behind the scenes but also that she is incredibly competent as a producer, director, curator and scenic stylist.
— Carrie Rae, Assistant Director for the Tempo Dance Festival in her blog of Lilly's first ever show, The BIG Reveal!
The pairing of Natalie Morris (Hugill) and Ricki Dee Hudson as Jessica and Lorenzo is surely one of the most fruitful both have an excellent physical presence onstage and an air of juvenile delinquency about them that is bewitching. Their wanton abandon and energetic drug use enhance the pervading sense of a tragically misspent youth (and how much bloody fun it is)
— Jessica Ralph, Theatre Reviewer from Craccum Magazine, reviewing The Auckland University Summer Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice'
Nat Hugill has the ability to read and interpret a script in the space of a few minutes. She exudes confidence and charm whilst strictly ensuring that your order of programme does not go off the rails. She is one of the best MCs I have ever worked with in my career which spans 30 years.
— Barbara Holloway - Organizer of the Fashion Speed Dating event for New Zealand Fashion Festival & Precinct Manager for the Karangahape Road Business Association
Natalie Hugill, you held it together, dragged it out, sped it up and were generally amazing and bubbly and just great. Plus you dealt with my garbled additions every five seconds with aplomb. SO getting you to come back next year...
— Hannah Gross - Founder of Pain Awareness Month
I was absolutely delighted when I met “Gary” for the first time - yet another character in Lilly Loca’s ever-changing wardrobe of faces. With his sexually awkward and “nerdy” demeanour, amidst bursts of outlandish thrusting dance moves, he had me giggling from the very beginning. The talented Lilly Loca has brought good honest comedy back into the rather dry NZ Cabaret scene - a refreshing change that I simply can’t wait to see more of!
— Ivy D'Auton - Asphyxia Corsetry
Lilly Loca is a dazzling and talented performer, she lit up the stage with her charm, and instantly won over the audience with her graceful movement, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Rachel Rouge - Producer of The Menagerie