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Drag & Character Acts

Photo by C.B.Summers

Photo by C.B.Summers

gary krumbert in ‘I’ve got talent!’

Gary is one of Lilly's most loved characters - he is a socially introverted and painfully inept geek, in a comical way of course!.

The premise for this act is Gary gets up on stage for his New Zealand’s Got Talent audition and after talking with the audience realises he is at the wrong gig. After talking to the audience about his reasons for going on NZGT, he decides to perform for them anyway. He accidentally drops his CD, which ends up getting scratched. He starts his ‘Morris’ dance but then the music skips and the remainder of the act is Gary improvising his way through random music. This act has won multiple titles and has also been performed as far away as Hollywood!

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NOTE: This act has a monologue at the beginning, so does require a microphone. It does not contain lip-syncing.

Photo by Peter Jennings.

Photo by Peter Jennings.

Did you know that Gary has a stand-up, sketch act? See it here in my Sketch Acts section.



“I’m blonde, I’m skinny, I’m rich…and I’m a little bit of a bitch…”

A lip-sync act inspired by world-famous blondes, such as Donatella Versace, Marilyn Monroe and Jerry Hall. It’s flirtatious, it’s glamour, it’s fashion, darling.

Photo by Peter Jennings

Photo by Peter Jennings


Suddenly, Seymour is thrown into a situation he can’t seem to find his way out of. Does he “feed the plant” and perform mutilations? Or does he watch his potential rise in fame and adoration from the public and the lovely Audrey die along with “Twoie” aka. Audrey 2 - the man-eating plant.

You’d better stick around to find out, as a lot of about to go down in the “Little Shop of Horrors”.

NOTE: This act is a lip-sync act.

Photo by Peter Jennings

Photo by Peter Jennings

jethro jenkins in “stay, go, yes, no”

Created especially for HuGo Grrl's hilarious 'Tragic Mike' burlesque show (a spoof of the all-male strip show movie, Magic Mike), this sees Lilly in possibly her most gender-bending role play act yet! Jethro gets a bit bored of taming traffic, which leads him to question... should he stay or should he go? Bawdy drag king strip-tease at it's best.

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NOTE: This act does include lip-syncing.

Photo by James Yang

Photo by James Yang

penny royalty in “come rain, come shine”

Dear Penny… she’s rather desperate for love. So what’s a woman to do but show her commitment in the most romantic way possible? By luring a suitor onto stage, tying them to a chair and showering them with her love and affection while singing (lip-syncing) of course! Hilarious, bawdy, comical and very, very slapstick - perfect for birthday parties, hens doos or stag parties where you want a special someone to be made the centre of attention.

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