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Burlesque Acts



"Danza del Matador"

A unique mix of classical and neo burlesque, with some Flamenco dancing thrown in for good measure, Lilly will be paying homage to her Spanish heritage, as well as her very first burlesque act which was inspired by Flamenco and a fiery Spanish Senorita (hence the "Loca" in Lilly's name). Expect the unexpected, as this act has quite the plot twist in store!

With a full, decadent costume designed and created by Ruby Slippers, with embellishment by Lilly herself, you know it's going to be a sight to behold. 


 Photo by Bruce Jenkins Photography

Photo by Bruce Jenkins Photography


Inspired by Absolem the Absolute from the famed Alice in Wonderland books and movies, this act is Lilly's take on a classic burlesque act with a theatrical twist. This multi award winning routine has extravagance, glamour and seduction with costume and props made by world class costumier Asphyxia Couture. 

 Photo by Norrie Montgomery

Photo by Norrie Montgomery

feather fan dancing

Lilly is known for her beautiful, fluid feather fan dances! With her lushious double-layer feather fans, she can create an act especially for your next show, event or party. No style of music is out of the question (maybe except death metal) and she can style a costume to suit your needs. 

 Photo by Picaresque Photography

Photo by Picaresque Photography

Pink Boa shimmy shake

Lilly's feeling flirty and is ready to shimmy, shake it out on the dance floor! A fun, high energy burlesque act incorporating a 7 foot organza boa and a "cheeky" surprise. 

 Photo by James Yang

Photo by James Yang

Ode to the Siren

Prepare to be lured into the sea, as Lilly Loca spellbinds you with her beautiful silk fans. This act also has a large, rhinestoned and glittery clamshell, which will be sure to make a splash at your next event.

**THIS ACT IS CURRENTLY BEING REWORKED** - If interested, please do inquire.

Note: This act has a large clamshell bath. If booked within the Auckland region, Lilly can transport but venue must supply enough space to host it and stage space for Lilly to dance in. If booked outside of Auckland, an additional cost may apply to freight of the clamshell to your venue. This act works best if there is a raised platform or stage for Lilly to use.